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Crypto Pump introduction

crypto pump

About crypto pumping

According to MIT nowadays the crypto pump and dump schemes are producing more than $7 million in daily trading volume. As pumping is not the most legit way to trade cryptocurrency it’s not well known at the traders but while this is the easiest way to earn money legally a lot trader do crypto pump.

How crypto pump works?

crypto pump

How to pump?

First of all you need to add your crypto broker account to Cashbackcloud to earn a guaranteed profit with crypto cashback. Usually, most of the crypto pumps are done at Cryptopia it’s because they have the most of coin markets.

The price will rise very fast therefore you need to buy the coin as fast as you can, in the video below you can see how to buy fast on Cryptopia.

Be ready for the pump

Crypto pumping is involve high risk, so we suggest for your first pump to invest with a small amount and when you see it how it work, invest more to earn more money. On PumpOlymp you can check every upcoming pump for each day. Also, you can see analytics about the historical profit for each pump group.

Join our Pump group here

Have a great day, Cashbackcloud Team



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