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Crypto cashback

Cashbackcloud is the world first website to offer crypto cashback at more than 20 crypto broker. Over this, you can earn cashback at ICO’s and at a lot crypto products. We give you back up to 38% of your fees after each trade even if you win or lose.

How crypto cashback works?

Basically, we use the crypto brokers referral system to invite you and after you registered through our referral link we’ll receive some commission from your fees. As you don’t need to pay bigger fee you will earn much more profit after your trading activities, therefore you will only lose that money if you don’t use crypto cashback.


How much can I earn with crypto cashback?

For an example, if you use Binance you can earn cashback up to 17% after each trade even if you win or lose.
So, if you open a trade with $1000 you need to pay 0,1% fee, it means that you need to pay $100 as a fee to Binance. From the $100 fee we’ll give back up to $17 as a cashback (depending on your cashbackcloud level).




To sum up, with crypto cashback you can win only, your fees remain the same and you can register totally risk-free, with your email address and a password. After your registration at CryptoCashbackcloud, you need to register at your broker through our link and then add your crypto broker account. 
hat’s it! you only need to trade like always and we will add your cashback to your profile.

Over this we offer you cashback at ICO’s what you can check here, If you have any ICO suggestion where you are able to use referral program and you want to earn cashback please send us a message.
About our Crypto pump you can read more here and you can check our crypto pump groups here

If you have any question you are free to send a message to


Have a great day, Cashbackcloud Team


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